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American Express Essentials

American Express Essentials: "16 Essential Summer Accessories"

"American Express Essentials is home to the best trends in food, fashion, travel, and luxury lifestyle. Bokos was featured in a product round-up titled '16 Essential Summer Accessories'."

bLine Magazine

bLine: Wisconsin School of Business Magazine: "UW Graduates Take an Entreprenurial Step"

"Two brothers, James and Matt McManus, have brought the ultimate sandal to the United States market, Bokos. Bokos are durable, anti-slip, easy to clean, and anti-odor sandals offered at an affordable price for both men and women. b.Line spoke with Matt about his journey to launching Bokos and the future of the Bokos brand."

Business Matters Channel Twelve

Channel 12 News: "Business Matters: Bokos Sandals"

"The young entrepreneurs launched Bokos this year from their parents' home, and they're already gaining traction in the sandal industry with more than 1,000 pairs sold, primarily online. Thanks to some media mentions and blog posts, two Wisconsin retailers have now started selling the Bokos brand, and the McManus brothers hope to get their product into the hands of even more retailers when they bring their sandal line to Orlando next month for a surfing trade show. 'I think we've got a chance to build a pretty solid brand,' said McManus."

Daily Cardinal

Daily Cardinal: "Wisconsin business grad becomes small business owner"

"Former UW-Madison student Matt McManus found inspiration for one-piece rubber sandals from his co-founder and brother, James, who returned from a trip to Beijing with a pair of unique sandals that sparked envy among family and friends."

The Examiner - Bokos Sandals

The Examiner: "Bokos Affordable and Comfortable Sandals"

"You may never want to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, but if you ever had to, you wouldn't mind if you were wearing Bokos. Bokos, currently the hottest footwear company in America is making inroads in one of the most competitive industries on the planet - footwear."

Gear Junkie - Bokos Sandals

Gear Junkie: "20 Holiday Gifts for Under $20"

Take off your hiking boots at the end of a long day on the trail and slip your feet into something more comfortable, like Bokos. These sandals are made of durable rubber so they're light enough to throw in a pack.

Home Business Magazine

Home Business Magazine: "Brothers Making Tracks in the Footwear Industry with Bokos"

When Matt and James McManus created Bokos in 2013, they didn't have any retail experience. How could they? They were both still students attending the University of Wisconsin. Matt, majoring in Entrepreneurship, and James, majoring in Chinese, were both eager to put what they had been learning in school to the test.

I Am The Trend

I Am The Trend: "Your New Favorite Sandals"

"Bokos sandals are perfect for anybody with too much to do and too little time. The one-piece construction is simple in design, which means Bokos can get hot, cold, wet, dirty and smelly. They never miss a beat."

InStash Magazine - Bokos

In Stash: "Bokos Sandals"

"Bokos is a sandals manufacturer that makes products for both men and women, but for our purposes, we'll just focus on the guys. What you get in the Bokos Men's Sandal is a rugged, minimalist shoe that allows maximum breathability, a surprising amount of mobility (considering there is no ankle support, and a color palette that screams manhood."

KMOV, St. Louis

KMOV St. Louis: "Summer Fun Products"

"KMOV (Channel 4) is a CBS-affiliated TV station located in St. Louis, Missouri. They provide local news, weather, and sports to St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Bokos was featured in their 'Summer Fun Products' segment."

Kristin McGee

Kristin McGee - Yoga, Pilates, & Fitness: "Bokos Sandals"

"I think they're perfect for the gym when I'm teaching yoga classes and need to throw something on quickly to walk around in. They're also great for the locker room and wearing right after a shower. I love taking these with me to the nail salon, they're lightweight and I can put them on after a pedicure without messing up my toes."

Lake Country Journal

Lake Country Journal: "Fun Finds"

"Bokos sandals were created by two brothers from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Whatever you enjoy - camping, cycling, hiking, shopping, or gardening, colorful Bokos are made to keep up. The one-piece design makes them durable, easy to clean, and fun to wear."

Lakeshore Weekly News

Lakeshore Weekly News: "Bokos Sandals Gets its Foot in the Door"

"On a 2010 trip to China, James McManus brought home much more than memories and experiences - he brought back a business opportunity. While traveling, McManus had picked up several pairs of one piece, cross-strap sandals. He distributed them to his friends and family, and they loved them. The only problem was that there was not anything similar in the U.S. market."

Life & Style

Life & Style: "Save in Style"

"Life & Style is one of the most widely distributed magazines in the United States, covering entertainment news, fashion, and beauty trends. Bokos was featured in their 'Save in Style' segment."

Madison Magazine

Madison Magazine: "Former UW student starts sandal company"

"Inside the walls of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business building just a few years ago, Matt McManus drafted a business plan for a product made for people like himself with an active lifestyle."

Plymouth Magazine

Plymouth Magazine: "Bokos Breaks into Sandal Business"

"While living in Beijing, James McManus came across a comfortable pair of rubber sandals. These affordable sandals are made from a non-porous rubber, which makes them durable and versatile. The slip-on shoe features two crisscross straps - neither of which goes through the toe."

Sprinkles Magazine

Sprinkles Magazine: "Gift Ideas For Dad"

"Sprinkles Magazine is a lifestyle magazine geared towards modern, trendy parents, read by thousands of fans with each new issue. Bokos was featured by Sprinkles Magazine in their 'Gift Ideas For Dad' segment."

Sun Sailor Newspaper, Bokos

Sun Sailor: "Plymouth brothers put a foot down in the sandal industry"

"Anybody who has shopped for a pair of sandals may be familiar with the staggering range of options - style, color, material, price, the list goes on. Plymouth-based Bokos sandals, however, rolled out its first pair in April [2013] in an effort to provide the consumer with a solution to the search for the perfect sandal."

Uber Apparatus

Uber Apparatus: "Bokos Sandals for Men"

"You're having a hectic day, you got to get out the door quick; places to go and people to see. You need something to slip on your feet quick, like Bokos Sandals for Men [$18.00]. Ultra-durable, easy to clean, and ready to handle anything you throw their way. From afternoons at the beach to ghost-stories around the campfire, Bokos will be your new favorite sandal."

WBFF Fox Baltimore

WBFF Fox Baltimore: "Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts"

"WBFF Fox Baltimore is Baltimore's source of news, weather, sports, and breaking news. They featured Bokos in a Mother's Day Gift Guide product round-up."


WISH-TV: "Smart Summer Finds for Fun in the Sun!"

"WISH-TV is central Indiana's premiere news, weather, and sports information center. Bokos was featured in WISH-TV's segment titled 'Smart Summer Finds for Fun in the Sun'."

Woman's World

Woman's World: "Cash In This Week"

"Woman's World is written for the traditional, family-oriented woman, and features a mix of topics including food, decor, beauty, and nutrition. Bokos was included in a product round-up by the editors."


Yoganonymous: "Spotlight on Bokos: Your New Favorite Sandals"

"Next time you grab your yoga mat and slip on your favorite outfit, perhaps you could use a pair of Bokos to slip on as well. From yoga to the gym, around the house or at the beach, they won't let you down. Bokos are offered in a number of color options, including fan favorites melon and light blue. With such cute colors, it's easy to forget that the sandals are built to handle anything. Beauty and brawn!"

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