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"11 Great Beach Items to Buy Before Your Summer Vacation"

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Yahoo! Travel is one of the leading names both in the travel industry as well as the internet. Bokos was featured in an article titled '11 Great Beach Items to Buy Before Your Summer Vacation'.

"With Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, one place that's sure to be busy is the beach. Whether you're planning to fill the gas tank and pack your trunk with fun items to make a road trip more enjoyable or you want to fly to a sunny locale, there are many portable products that are sure to make your trip more fun, relaxing and stress-free. Here are 11 must-have items for your summer beach getaway."

"Bokos sandals add a whimsical element to any beach day. Bokos' sandals are constructed out of a one-piece, non-porous rubber mold, which makes them comfortable, easy to clean, anti-slip and waterproof. Offered in a variety of unique color options for men and women, Bokos are the perfect summer beach footwear. What's more, the sandals are lightweight, so throwing your pair of Bokos in your carry-on bag is a cinch."

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