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Rebekah Steen: Blogger, Traveler

Rebekah Steen is the owner of Goldfish Kiss, a massively popular website and social media page that is followed by thousands around the world.

Rebekah posts high quality images of her beach style, insiration, health and fitness tips, and art. As Rebekah says, "it all somehow comes together to be a quite happy and random site."

We knew with how much time Rebekah spent on beaches and traveling the world, that she would put her Bokos to good use.

In Rebekah's words, "My Bokos are a sporty, quirky, unbelievably comfy and fun sandal. That I can, and often do, wear absolutely anywhere."

Thank you Rebekah Steen!!

Check out Rebekah Steen's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Rebekah Steen