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Who's Wearing Bokos?

Giselle Mari

Giselle Mari: Yoga Instructor, Blogger

Giselle Mari is a global yoga teacher with followers around the world. Giselle brings her own flavor of grit, spunk, and spirit into the anatomy of body and mind into her classes.

Jaimie Bernhardt Fitness

Jaimie Bernhardt: Fitness Model

Jaimie Bernhardt is a fitness model and sponsored athlete. Jaimie has a massive online following across all of her social media pages.

Justine Moore Fitness

Justine Moore: Fitness Model

Justine Moore is an athlete and fitness model with a community of over 1.9 million followers worldwide.

Jen Sinkler

Jen Sinkler: Magazine Editor, Blogger

Jen Sinkler spent a decade as "Experience Life Magazine's" fitness editor, and is now a fitness writer for a number of national magazines.

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee: Supermodel, Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Jennifer Nicole Lee is an author, celebrity fitness trainer, and cover supermodel. With a massive online following across all of her social media pages, Jennifer is one of the most recognized names in the fitness industry.

Danielle Sidell

Danielle Sidell: Crossfit Athlete

Danielle Sidell started off her fitness career as a high school state champion runner. She is now a crossfit athlete with a strong online following of over 40,000 Instagram followers.

Lara Hudson

Lara Hudson: Pilates Expert, Fitness DVD Star

Lara Hudson is a pilates expert, writer, founder of Listen to Lara, and star of several popular fitness DVDs.