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Who's Wearing Bokos?

JJ Dancer

JJ Dancer: Celebrity Trainer

JJ Dancer is a professional choreographer, celebrity fitness trainer, and founder of the 'JJ Dancer Technique'.

Claire Rae

Claire Rae: Fitness Model

Claire Rae is one of the most popular fitness models on the internet, with nearly 2,000,000 Facebook fans and a large Instagram and Twitter following.

Rebekah Steen Goldfish Kiss

Rebekah Steen: Blogger, Traveler

Rebekah Steen is the owner of Goldfish Kiss, a massively popular website and social media page that is followed by thousands around the world.

Nicole Moneer

Nicole Moneer: Fitness Model

Nicole Moneer is an internationally published fitness model and writer. She has been featured by some of the most widely distributed publications in the fitness industry, including Oxygen Magazine and Muscle & Fitness.

Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace: Fitness Model

Sarah Grace is a fitness model and former figure competitor turned crossfitter. In 2014, she was the cover model for Oxygen Magaine, and her social media pages reached over 3,000,000 views in 2015.

Wendy Fortino

Wendy Fortino: Professional Figure Athlete

Wendy Fortino is a professional figure competitor. She is also a former gymnast and track athlete, and began her fitness career in 2008.

Cara McDonald Yoga

Cara McDonald: Yoga Instructor, Blogger

Cara McDonald is a Kansas City based yoga instructor with a strong online following across her several social media accounts.

Busy Mom Gets Fit

Valerie Solomon: Fitness Program Creator

Valerie Solomon is the creator of Busy Mom Gets Fit, a program that helps empower women to find a lifestyle of fitness. It is a complete diet and workout plan designed for busy moms, and is used around the world.

Desiree Niemann

Desiree Niemann: Fitness Model

Desiree Niemann is a fitness model, sponsored athlete, and IFBB Bikini Pro. Desiree has a large social media following on both Facebook and Instagram.

Christie Nix

Christie Nix: Figure Athlete

Christie Nix is the owner of FitNix Fitness, a popular online community with thousands of followers across all social media platforms.

Erin Simmons

Erin Simmons: Fitness Blogger

Erin Simmons is a former member of the Florida State University Track and Field team with an impressive online following of over 115,000 Facebook fans.

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