Bokos Affiliate Program

Why Bokos?

Since our launch in 2013, Bokos sandals have proven to be a highly-marketable, sellable product that appeals to a broad consumer base. Priced attractively at under $20, our sell-through rate consistently beats industry averages. Additionally, many online transactions are for multiple pairs, which increases the amount spent during an average checkout. As a brand, we continue to pickup press features in nationally syndicated newspapers, magazines, and television stations. We ship all online orders within 48 hours of checkout and have a satisfaction guarantee.

How It Works

It's very simple, actually. You will earn a 15% commission for every sale that is made through your site. All you have to do is place a text link or banner on your site and when a customer clicks through and makes a purchase, you get a commission. We offer free tracking tools, notification of specials/sales, free coupons and more for our affiliates. We also have a growing library of banners in an assortment of sizes and styles, and we are happy to add anything to this library that you think would do best with your audience.

Need Assistance?

We are more than happy to help you get things rolling. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, shoot us an email at [email protected]. We are confident that Bokos will become a top performing affiliate program for you, and we look forward to a profitable, long-standing relationship!

Let's Get Started

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