Bokos: The Ultimate Comfortable Sandals

When you need a pair of comfortable sandals, the solution is easy: You need Bokos. We make our comfortable sandals out of a soft, durable rubber molding which offers the perfect blend between comfort and durability.

We also offer a unique "criss-cross" design, which means there is no annoying strap to go in-between your toes resulting in irritation and discomfort after wearing your sandals for an extended period of time. This also means that the sandals will rest higher on your foot, reducing the amount of noise you hear when walking around in your sandals (you know that sound that the cheap sandals make!).

Bokos aren't just comfortable sandals. We also pack a lot more into our sandals to give you the most "bang for your buck." In addition to being ultra-comfortable, your new pair of Bokos will also be extremely easy to clean (even dish-washer friendly), durable, and light-weight.

Many of our top customers wear their comfortable sandals in the gym locker room showers, around the campsite, in the garden, before going on a bike ride, or just around the house. That's why we say that "Bokos are made to keep up during all of life's activities."

"Overall, I love my Bokos. I don't know anyone that would not like these. They're not thong sandals, so there's no annoying strap or chunk of hard plastic between your toes. They're just all around comfortable sandals!" Angela L., Copperas Cove, TX

"Bokos are the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned. I wear one pair around the house and have a second pair for golf and yoga. Great sandals!" Ken P., Rochester, MN

"I saw an article about your sandals and immediately ordered a pair for myself. I love them!!! I quickly ordered a pair for my daughter-in-law who likes them as well. I wear mine in the house right now and can't wait for summer to wear them outside. Just wanted to thank you for a nice product!!" Kris L., White Bear Lake, MN

We like to let our customers do the talking. Every single note that we get from a customer raves about their Bokos, and it is truly flattering. In all honesty, it's what keeps us going. They love their comfortable sandals, and they love the blend between comfort and durability.

That's what separates us from every other brand in the world of footwear.

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We also believe in the freedom to choose the right color that suits your personality. That's why we offer our comfortable sandals in twelve unique color options, ranging from Green Apple for the ladies to Military Green for the men.

Now here's the thing...

When it comes to comfortable sandals, there are other options in the market. But there's a catch.

Most of these sandals are available for $50 or $60, and can sometimes come in at over $100. Don't pay $50 for a pair of sandals.

While we offer sandals that are just as comfortable as our competitors, we bring them to you at a price of just $18.00. So you can sleep well knowing you bought yourself a pair of extremely comfortable sandals, and spent less than $20 doing it.

Now that's what I call a win-win.

For any questions on what makes Bokos the most amazingly comfortable sandals in the world, feel free to get in touch here.

Shop on, sandal fans!!

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