Bokos: The Ultimate Cycling Sandals

Let's be honest: After a bike ride, you need a pair of cycling sandals to slip on. You aren't going to wear your riding shoes, you don't want to hop into a pair of sneakers with your sweaty socks, and you sure aren't going to walk around bare foot.

When you are looking for the right pair of cycling sandals, you need a few things. Luckily, Bokos has you covered.

Cycling Sandals Fact #1:

Your cycling sandals should be rubber. Any other material other than rubber means your sandals will hold in moisture (stay wet longer), odor, and bacteria. Bokos sandals are built out of a one-piece, molded rubber; which means they are going to be easy to clean. Wear them around the muddy mountain bike races, it's all good!

Cycling Sandals Fact #2:

If they aren't durable, they aren't working! The last thing that you want is a pair of cycling sandals that rips or tears after a few uses. The durable construction means it is going to be darn near impossible to rip or tear your pair of Bokos, leaving you with a pair of sandals that will be your go-to cycling sandals for years to come!

Cycling Sandals Fact #3:

You just got done with a bike race, your feet better be comfortable! Many cycling sandals are extremely uncomfortable, built with a focus on minimizing costs by using cheap material. Bokos provides you with a cushioned bottom piece and a soft strap, giving you a pair of comfortable cycling sandals while also offering superior durability.

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Cycling Sandals Fact #4:

Anti-odor is the name of the game. If you just got done with a bike race, chances are you've got some sweat, dirt, or dust to wash off. That means you need sandals that can handle what you throw their way! Thanks to the non-porous rubber, Bokos cycling sandals are going to stay smelling fresh, even when you're not.

Cycling Sandals Fact #5:

Owning several pairs is not a bad thing. Keep one pair at home to wear before your casual rides, another pair in your car to slip on after the races, and a third pair in your gym bag to wear during your cross-training. Bokos cycling sandals are just $18, and come in a ton of unique color options, so grabbing several pairs has never been easier.

So there you have it! Consider this your guide when buying your next pair of cycling sandals. We hope you consider making Bokos your go-to cycling sandals. We offer an ultra-durable, comfortable, anti-odor rubber sandal at an affordable price point. And for just $18.00, you can't go wrong!

For any questions on what makes Bokos the best cycling sandals in the world, feel free to get in touch here.

Shop on, sandal fans!!

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