Kate and Kaboodle: "Sandals for the Busy Mom"

The story:

I am so happy that summer is here! Being a California native born into ocean breezes and sand between your toes is a bit different than the harsh winters of Idaho. We only have warm weather here for a couple months and I take full advantage of it. Once the temperatures rise, I pull out all my shorts and sandals and do a happy dance! Unfortunately, my feet are very particular about what I put on them. I am all about comfort and really need a shoe that can keep up with the lifestyle of a busy mom. Recently, I had the opportunity to try Bokos sandals and my feet could not be happier.

When my Bokos arrived, I slipped them on and fell instantly in love. They are so comfortable and as someone with a history of foot pain, it is my first priority. I don't like shoes that make you feel as if you are walking on concrete or even ones that squish your toes. Bokos are made to fit the standard foot but my chubby little feet did just fine in them. I also had all my daughters try them on to see how they fit since we all wear the same size. Only my oldest, with her skinny 100 pound body and equally skinny foot, found them to be too loose for her. And all of them loved the comfort! Bokos are a one piece design and made out of a non-porous rubber material. They were created to be super durable so I don't have to worry about broken straps when I am out and about. There is nothing more embarrassing to be walking and suddenly have your foot go flying out of your sandal. You have a half cart of groceries...do you leave it and run home? Limp around the store dragging your broken shoe? Walk barefoot on the gross flooring? With my Bokos, I don't have to worry.

The non-porous rubber also makes them easy to clean, anti-odor and anti-slip. My first thought after I stopped oohing and awing over the comfort was how awesome the Bokos were going to be in the garden. I was wearing my old Chucks in the garden but it's not the best choice. After all that dirt and water, they are a hot mess now. Since my Bokos are easy to clean and won't leave my foot sliding from side to side with even a tiny bit of water, it is the perfect garden shoe!

I had originally intended to use my Bokos just in the garden. I love the ability to just hose them off after I am done planting or pulling weeds. They are absolutely perfect for that. After a few days of wear, I quickly made the switch to using them as an everyday shoe. The Bokos are very durable and I can wear them for anything...trips to the store, playing at the park, they are just very versatile and easy to fit into my lifestyle. I just slip them on and go.

Bokos are available in both men and women colors and sizes. Bokos said it best when they describe their sandal: 'whether you're a camper, cyclist, hiker, surfer, shopper, or gardener, Bokos are made to keep up'. I couldn't agree more. I am loving my Bokos!

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