From PDX With Love: "Enjoying the Summer With Bokos"

The story:

I cannot believe it is August already! Summer is flying by, but we are definitely enjoying it. Between trips to the pool, rides on the cop car, and a few weeks of full on sunshine, Bokos has helped to make summer enjoyable.

I got the opportunity of reviewing my very own pair of Bokos. Since I already have 2 pairs of salmon colored flip flops/sandals I thought I should go with a different color. When I got the women's sandals in the mail I was happy with the color that was chosen for me: a beautiful blue. A few days after wearing the sandals I realized that this have been the very first pair of sandals that I own that are not flip flops. OK, I did have another 20 years ago. Surprisingly it did not take any time to get used to them. No stick between your toes that could cause some pain (after you wear them for a long period of time).

These sandals are quite comfortable and they look just like any other pair of sandals. So, what makes Bokos unique?

Bokos sandals are strong and quite durable. So feel free to put these sandals to the test. Bokos sandals give you the right amount of traction to keep you on your feet. And like all rubber products, extensive use will gradually reduce the traction. Being made of non-porous rubber these sandals are extremely easy to clean. So when they are covered in mud simply give them a good cleaning and you will be on your way! Thanks to the non-porous rubber material no matter how stinky your feet might be these sandals will stay odor free!

These sandals are my to go to, specially when I am just going to be between our bark-covered backyard and the house. They are comfortable, cute, blue, and I am not the only Bokos fan!

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