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Who's Wearing Bokos?

Alison Tetrick: Professional Cyclist

Alison Tetrick is a professional cyclist currently racing for Cylance Pro Cycling Team.

Claire Bevilacqua: Professional Surfer

Claire Bevilacqua, nicknamed "Bevo", is a professional surfer from Perth, Australia.

Hope Beel: Fitness Model

Hope Beel is one of the most popular fitness models on the internet, with hundreds of thousands of followers across her social media pages. In addition to her internet presence, she is also a published fitness model, sponsored athlete, and personal trainer.

Matt Llano: Professional Distance Runner

Matt Llano is a professional distance runner and elite marathoner, with a top marathon time of 2:12 and half marathon time of 61 minutes.

Kristin McGee: Celebrity Yoga Instructor

Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga & pilates instructor, the star of MTV Yoga, and an editor at Good Health Magazine.

Diana Nyad: World Champion Swimmer

Diana Nyad is a world champion swimmer and record breaker. In 2013, Diana became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida.

Alexis Martin: Yoga Instructor

Alexis Martin is a yoga instructor with over 10,000 followers across her social media pages. She is the creator of Prenatal to the Cradle, and has taught thousands of hours of yoga.

Amanda Saccomanno: Professional Wrestler, TV Personality

Amanda Saccomanno is a model, professional wrestler, and TV personality. In addition to her career in the WWE, Amanda has also been featured in some of the top fitness publications in the industry.

Kaitlin Sandeno: Olympic Swimmer

Kaitlin Sandeno is a professional swimmer. She is an Olympic gold medalist, world champion, and former world record-holder.

Chris Freytag: Fitness Instructor

Chris Freytag is the owner and founder of Get Healthy U, a website dedicated to helping women live a healthy, happy lifestyle through realistic advice, positive motivation, and fitness help.

Lauren Abraham: Fitness Model

Lauren Abraham is a leading voice in the world of fitness. Her long list of credentials includes sportscaster, internationally published fitness model, producer, and television host.

Jeremy Reid: Fitness Instructor

Jeremy Reid is an online training, nutrition, and lifestyle coach. In addition to over 20,000 Facebook fans, Jeremy also has a strong following on his Instagram and Twitter.

Emma Johansson: Professional Cyclist

Emma Johansson is a Swedish based professional cyclist. In 2008, she won a Silver at the Olympic Games and placed 4th in the World Championship.

Brooke Erickson: Fitness Model

Brooke Erickson is an IFBB Figure Pro Athlete, fitness model, and certified personal trainer. With a strong online following, Brooke teaches others how to take control of their bodies through fitness and diet.

Vlatka Dragic: Fitness Cover Model

Vlatka Dragic is an internationally acclaimed fitness model and Oxygen Magazine cover model. She has also been featured in Maniac Fitness, Bodybuilding, and Iron Man Magazine.