Plymouth Magazine: "Bokos Breaks into Sandal Business"

The story:

While living in Beijing, James McManus came across a comfortable pair of rubber sandals.

They were low-quality, but comfortable and affordable. Little did he know that two years later, he and his brother, Matt, would start a company in Plymouth, making similar sandals at a higher quality and larger variety with the same low cost.

"What makes us different from other companies is that Bokos Sandals are available for just $18," Matt McManus says.

These affordable sandals are made from a non-porous rubber, which makes them durable and versatile. The slip-on shoe features two crisscross straps - neither of which goes through the toe.

This winter, Bokos expanded its product offerings to include green and red sandals for men, and purple and light green sandals for women.

To see the story online: Bokos Sandals in Plymouth Magazine