Triple Blaze: "Camping Footwear Review: Bokos Sandals"

The story:

This spring I've been testing a unique pair of sandals from Bokos, a small company started by two brothers in Minneapolis. While the distinctive styling may turn some heads, it's the details that make these sandals truly unique.

Bokos Sandals feature one-piece construction, which the company claims provides extreme durability. I haven't worn mine long enough to put durability claims to the test, but I do know one upshot to the one-piece design is comfort: there are no seams or hard edges to rub the wrong way. I've personally destroyed many pairs of flip-flops doing seemingly normal things like kicking soccer balls, so I can definitely appreciate the lack of potential points of failure in the Bokos Sandals.

The sandals are made from a non-porous rubber material, which means they don't absorb water and sweat the way many inexpensive flip flops do. This promises to minimize odors and makes cleaning Bokos a cinch - just hose 'em off at the end of the day and dry!

One major drawback to many sandal/flip flop options is they become slippery in wet conditions. Bokos claims the sandals are anti-slip, but it's important to consider both the tread AND the footbed surfaces. The tread is mostly smooth with shallow tread, though the rubber material itself is somewhat "sticky" for additional traction. But in terms of grip, the footbed is where these sandals really shine for me. Deep, perpendicular tread grooves provide front to back and side-to-side grip - so much so that you can (almost) jog back to your tent to get out of the rain without slipping out of your sandals.

Bokos sandals are not lightweight, so I wouldn't recommend them as a backpacking camp shoe. My size 12 sandals weigh more than 200 grams each - almost a full pound for the pair. Still, the soles are thick and durable, which makes them ideal for camping where surfaces are littered with pokey sticks and rocks.

The criss-cross top evokes sort of a Middle Eastern look and it's mostly functional, though there are times I find myself wishing I had something to grip between my toes for a more secure fit. But it's hard to find a more comfortable sandal for truly lounging after a long hike or busy day at the campground.

Bokos Sandals are available online in half a dozen colors and men's and women's sizes for $18. It's almost sandal season here in the northern hemisphere and for that, Bokos has you covered.

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