Yoganonymous: "Spotlight on Bokos: Your New Favorite Sandals"

The story:

A pair of sandals that can really keep up.

Bokos is a footwear company created by two brothers and their mom. The brand was launched just earlier this year.

The unique design and material make for a durable, easy to clean, and fun to wear sandal. These sandals can get hot, cold, wet, dirty, and smelly - and with a quick rinse, be back in action! Bokos sandals are perfect for all of life's activities: Especially after (or before) yoga. The founders wear them after bike rides and around the campsite, and "mom wears them in her vegetable garden" (a word from the founder, Matt).

Bokos are offered in a number of color options, including fan favorites melon and light blue. With such cute colors, it's easy to forget that the sandals are built to handle anything. Beauty and brawn!

They also have four color options for men, ranging from the classic black to a cool military green. Hey, at $16, why not pick 'em both up?

Next time you grab your yoga mat and slip on your favorite outfit, perhaps you could use a pair of Bokos to slip on as well. From yoga to the gym, around the house or at the beach, they won't let you down. You can also stop by their Facebook page, which they update frequently with healthy recipe ideas, outdoor living, inspirational photos, and everything in between.

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