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Sandal Brands: What Makes Bokos Unique

In the world of footwear, you are faced with dozens (if not hundreds) of sandal brands to choose from. But in a sea of products that promises to offer everything you can dream of, how can you be confident you are buying the absolute best pair of sandals to meet all of your needs?

To help out, we've classified sandal brands into a number of categories which captures what most companies are doing; and why we believe Bokos stands out as the most reliable pair of sandals in the world.

Sandal Brands Group #1:

A lot for a little! We see this all of the time. Tons of sandal brands offer a very simple product that should cost (one would hope) in the ballpark of $25 - $35. We've been shocked to see some of these products marked on the shelves for up to $75.

Here's the truth: Most of these sandal brands have to price their product this way to leave room for discounts. If you're paying $50 - $80 for a simple pair of flip-flops or sandals, you've simply paid too much. With Bokos, you will never pay more than $18.00, so you can rest happy knowing you got yourself a brand new pair of sandals for under $20. Now that's what I call a win-win.

Sandal Brands Group #2:

One and done. A pair of sandals isn't something you want to have to go out and buy every few weeks. You want your pair of sandals to last. Many brands use cheap material and poor construction, which means your sandals will rip, tear, and snap after just a few uses. Bokos sandals are built out of a durable, non-porous rubber material. The one-piece construction means you aren't going to run into any snaps.

Sandal Brands Group #3:

Just not built for real life. Many times, you find a pair of sandals that is offered at a nice price point, comfortable, and might even be offered in a color option that you love. The trouble is, most sandal brands give you a product that can't get muddy, dirty, wet, and stinky.

When you are wearing your sandals around the campsite, in the locker room shower, after working out, and everywhere in between; you want to be sure that they can keep up. Bokos sandals are anti-odor, easy to clean, and even dish-washer safe! No go stomp some mud puddles!

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Sandal Brands Group #4:

A lot for a lot. So the fact is, there are a lot of great sandals out there that will offer you a durable, reliable product. But here's the're going to pay for it! Why pay over $100 for a pair of durable, comfortable sandals when you can spend $18 on a pair of Bokos that delivers the exact same benefits?

Toss in unique color options and the ability to wear your Bokos anywhere you want, you've found a product that just absolutely works.

For more information on what makes Bokos one of the top sandal brands in the world, get in touch here.

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